Next Level Missions strives to equip and educate short term teams about kingdom building and the mission experience

Trip Overview

Short term opportunity trips vary depending on your team, but the basic structure of each trip is as follows: 

1.       Two to Three days in Chiang Mai

a.       Briefing

2.       Village Visit

a.       Length dependent on team

3.       Two to Three days in Chiang Mai

a.       Debriefing

b.       Tourist attractions  



Next Steps

Next Level Missions suggests the following steps for a successful trip to Southeast Asia.

1.       Build your support team (6-7 months out)                           

a.       Prayer and financial support

2.       Send out fundraising material (6-7 months out)

a.       Letters

b.       Emails

c.       On line giving options

3.       Begin preparing logistically for the trip

a.       Look at attached document for more information

4.       Pack (2 weeks out)

a.       See attached list

5.       Depart