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Our team consists of individuals from the United States and Thailand committed to ending poverty in the northern hill tribes and beyond.



Mike Mann is a global consultant for rural development for International Ministries. Following almost fourteen years of ministry in Thailand, Mike is now available to any of our international partners who are interested in developing water and/or agricultural projects.

Through ITDP, Mike and Becky Mann, Christian Workers in Thailand, have provided support to the hill tribe villages in Northern Thailand and surrounding regions since 1990. Because of the success of ITDP, the hill tribes now have an alternative to the lifestyle they had resulted to in the past: selling their children into prostitution, selling drugs, and committing crimes.

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Steve Jenkins

I have had the privilege of partnering with Mike and Becky Mann in Thailand over the past 20 plus years.  During that time I have seen ITDP grow for 6 indigenous staff to over 50 staff today.  Leading short Team Mission Teams have provided an amazing life change both here in the states and in Thailand.  I live in San Diego with my wife Malia and our youngest daughter Alyssa. I work at San Diego Christian College as the Spiritual Life Director.  Our oldest daughter Courtney lives in Orange County and our son Brad is a Missionary in Thailand (ITDP) with his wife Shannon.  Malia an I have 6 grandchildren. My passion is serve Jesus and finish strong.  Missions is woven into the DNA of our family and I am excited with the opportunities we have to build God’s Kingdom.
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pictures courtesy of Amanda Albertson and Jessica Alvarado