As we strive to build sustainable communities, our efforts are only possible through our partnerships.

Please take a moment to learn about our partners and how we are able to work alongside of them to accomplish Kingdom work.


Integrated Tribal Development Program

ITDP focuses on improving holistic sustainability through global development projects such as:


Through the introduction of sample crops to the Northern Hill Tribe villages, ITDP is able to promote a sustainable source of income and resources for the Karen people.

Fair Trade

Coffee is one of the successful crops of the Karen people. ITDP helps facilitate a Fair Trade relationship for the farmers. This Fair Trade relationship gives the Karen farmers a fair price on their crops. One of NLM's other partners, Lanna Coffee Company is an integral piece in the fair trade cycle.


ITDP has been integral to the education growth in the Northern Hill Tribes of Thailand. They have built youth hostels for easier access to education and have committed teachers living in the village.  


ITDP has helped bring modern medicine to the Karen people. This has enabled them to provide quality medical care to the Karen. This has cut down on infections, unnecessary sicknesses and increased medical knowledge.


One of ITDP's biggest initiatives is water. Through the building of water and sanitation systems infant mortality rate is cut in half and water borne diseases are drastically decreased.  

Lanna Coffee Company

Based out of Fresno, California Lanna Coffee Company is the stateside partner of ITDP. All coffee sold through Lanna Coffee Company are directly from the Hill Tribes of Thailand. Twenty five percent of these profits are put towards supporting medical and educational progress. 


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